Yorkshire Studio Portrait Photography. Kaleid colourful characterful studio portrats. Girl in red heart shaped sunglasses poses in front of a vivid light blue background
be you.
Colourful, characterful

Yorkshire Studio Portrait Photography

Studio portrait photography by Kaleid.me. 3 year old boy in a Paddington Bear jumper poses in front of a bright, colourful red background holding a Paddington toy on top of his head




Studio animal portrait photography. Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy wearing a yellow christmas jumper poses in front of a powder blue background
Studio portrait photography for teenagers. Boy, 14 in stripey black and red shirt spins a record on his finger in front of a colourful green background
Your colourful Yorkshire Kaleid portrait is all about expressing your unique personality
No false smiles or awkward poses, just make the frame your own
Kids portrait photograph. Three year old boy holds a Gruffalo toy whilst posing in front of a bright, colourful yellow background
Blond haired woman in sunglasses poses for a studio portrait photograph holding a glass of red wine in front of a vivid orange background
Characterful studio portrait photograph portraying a young boy with his tongue out holding an X-Wing fighter toy above his head in front of a light blue coloured background
Include a unique prop or favourite toy that reveals something about you
Photographing every
of your personality

Let us capture who you are

We believe that great portraits should truly reflect the person in the frame. If you naturally beam in front of the camera that's great, but if that's not what comes naturally to you then together we'll create a frame that celebrates who you are.
We have a huge range of quick-change brightly coloured backdrops to complement your look and we'll photograph you in front of multiple colours to create a collection of images to choose from. Each photograph also normally features a prop or toy - something of meaning to you that shows another aspect of your character. So whether your portrait is loud and flamboyant or more subtle and thoughtful, we can be sure to create something that celebrates the real you, just the way you are.

Individual portraits,
made to be collections

Kaleid portraits are taken individually but look great as a collection! Create a feature frame portrait with multiple backgrounds and props or make a family collection, with each member of the family free to express themselves within their own frame.
Personal, unique artwork to brighten your home
Kaleid portraits are designed to be statement pieces - bold, colourful and expressive. Whether creating feature frame collections of the whole family or just an individual portrait, everyone is photographed individually with a different coloured background and allowed the space to show their personality. The result is a vivid, stylish celebration of who you are, and by capturing them on our incredible medium format camera and printing on paper specially selected to complement the vibrancy of the image, they make the perfect frames to warm the walls of your home.
A portable professional studio
We'd love to welcome you to our beautiful studio on the stunning Yorkshire Coast, but if that's too far to travel our equipment is fully portable, allowing us to complete your Kaleid portrait shoot in the comfort of your own home.
Young girl wearing a cream and pink unicorn jumper holds a Harry Potter book as an extension of her personality in a studio portrait photograph captured in front of a grey background.
Studio portrait. Brunette woman poses with her Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in front of a purple background
Bright yellow portrait photograph featuring a brunette woman in sunglasses holding a Super-8 camera


Demonstration of Kaleid studio portrait photography products. Square photographs of three Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs photographed with different coloured backgrounds mounted alongside each other on a dining room wall


Portrait of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel photographed in front of an orange coloured background


Map of where to find Kaleid.me studio portrait photography in Scarborough, UK