Frequently Asked Questions

How many photographs are taken during the shoot?
Everyone photographed receives two digital portraits of themselves, each with a different coloured background.

We'll take a number of photographs in front of each background and you'll have an opportunity to review the images and choose your favourite two as your final portraits.
What if I want to have more photographs and different colour backgrounds?
No problem! Each package includes two digital images and backgrounds but we can take as many as you like! Let us know what you have in mind and we can provide a custom quotation for you.
How do you choose the backgrounds for my session?
We have a kaleidoscopic selection of different coloured backgrounds to choose from and we'll work with you on the day to select the best colours to bring out your personality and match your style.

If you have a particular colour palette in mind though (e.g. if you have a place in your home ready to brighten up and want to match the colours to your d├ęcor) then we're more than happy to discuss colours before the shoot and make sure we have the perfect background for you.
How will I receive my images?
At the end of your shoot you'll be able to choose your favourite photographs (two as standard with the option to upgrade) which we'll then take away for any necessary processing or retouching.

Within 7 days you'll then receive an email with a link to your own personal gallery. From there you can download the images for digital use or purchase prints, frames, albums and other beautiful print products direct from your gallery - all crafted in exquisite quality by our world-leading UK print partners.
Do I need to bring my own props?
The idea of using props within your portrait is to try to bring out your personality, so we'd love for you to bring a few small items that mean something to you or that reflect an aspect of who you are. It might be something representative of your career, a book, a favourite toy, an old cassette tape, even your pet (assuming they can be held in your arms!) - anything that shows us a little more about who you are.

But if you're struggling for ideas we also have a collection of fun items for you to choose from and put your personality on show through the way you interact with them.
What should I wear?
Be yourself!

Kaleid is all about capturing the real you, so be as dressy, flamboyant or completely casual as you like! The idea is to create a fun, relaxed set of images that reflect your personality so just bring the clothes that you feel most comfortable in (and perhaps an additional outfit just to give plenty of options with different backgrounds).

We're always happy to discuss ideas before the shoot so, if you're unsure about the style you want to go for, just get in touch and we'll help you to create the perfect look for your unique Kaleid portrait.
Are Kaleid photographs always headshots?
Whilst as a studio we can of course offer alternative types of shoots, every Kaleid portrait deliberately features a similar head and shoulders composition so you know exactly what sort of photograph to expect.

In framing each shot this way we can bring uniformity to your images with each photograph clearly belonging to the other. But within that composition we challenge you to truly express yourself; to create portraits as unique as the many aspects of your personality. The end result is a clear artistic collection of boldly individual images.
Do you offer corporate profile shots?
Yes! If you want to give a pop of colour to your website's About or Contact page and show off your team with a little more character Kaleids are the perfect way to do it!

Let us know the size of your team and where you would like the shoot to take place and we can provide a custom quotation for you.
Can I use my Kaleid for my social media profile?
Whilst we love to see our portraits printed as artwork for the home, Kaleid was very much created with the idea of making stand-out digital profile images as well! Each image is licensed to you for social media and personal usage.
Do you travel?
Kaleid is based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire but we're happy to travel anywhere in the UK. Our portable studio setup has a small footprint and is able to fit within most average sized living spaces.

Please contact us for travel pricing.
What resolution will my portrait photographs be?
Kaleid studio portrait photographs are made to be printed and accent your home; and when it comes to home decor we know that quality is everything.

That's why we shoot on the incredible Fujifilm GFX100S - a stunning digital medium format camera capable of resolutions of an astounding 102 megapixels and an unparalleled luxurious feel to the images.

You'll receive two copies of your portraits - one set optimised for social media and sharing online and another in super high resolution, perfect for maximum print quality.